Michelle Wong

I am Michelle Wong, a housewife and an amateur dessert instructor. I love cooking and look at different cooking appliances, and then share my experiences with my friends.  I am eager to make more people fall in love with cooking so that their families can eat healthily and happily. Some friends of mine who love […]

Sherlyn Chong

I am a Malaysian residing in Hong Kong. I grew up in a small town called Ipoh that is famous for Bean Sprouts Chicken, Hakka Mee (Noodle), and White Coffee to mention just a few. This has resulted in Ipoh people being critical with their food – A real food critic wherever there are in […]

Shirley Wong

Since I had my 2 beautiful boys, I stopped working! All my attention went to the family. Cooking has never been my forte. After my last helper decided to return home to raise her own family, I decided to take over the kitchen myself! Every day I struggled for recipe ideas which taste good and […]