Thermomix® TM6

Technical Specifications

  • Maintenance-free Vorwerk reluctance motor, 500W rated power
  • Speed continuously adjustable from 100 to 10,700 rpm (gentle stir 40 rpm)
  • Special speed setting (alternating mode) for making dough and stirring without chopping
  • Special safety feature: electronic motor protection to prevent overload
  • Quad core processor
  • 16 GB Flash
  • Over-the-air software updates
Heating System
  • Precise heating from 37°C up to 160°C, with integrated sensors to maintain a constant, precise temperature in the mixing bowl.
  • In 1 °C steps of up to 85°C for Sous vide mode
  • Maximum temperature for manual cooking is 120°C, and maximum of 160°C for High temperature and Sugar Stages modes
Integrated Scales
  • Improved weighing during food processing allows an accuracy of 1 g throughout the whole weighing range, up to 3000 g per weighing step. Also weighs negative values for removing a precise amount of ingredients from the bowl.
  • High-quality synthetic material, stainless steel
Mixing Bowl
  • Stainless steel with integrated heating system and temperature sensor
  • Maximum capacity 2.2 litres
6.8″ Display
  • Bigger, and brighter 6.8″ colour touchscreen display with even more intuitive operation
Dimensions & Weight
(excluding Varoma)
  • Height = 33.5 cm
  • Width = 33.3 cm
  • Depth = 32.6 cm
  • Weight = 8 kg

Thermomix® TM6


Thermomix® TM6 is provided with a 2-year warranty (domestic user) or 1-year warranty (commercial user) and must only be serviced by Thermomix® . Use only parts provided with the Thermomix® or original spare parts provided by Thermomix®. Never use the Thermomix® in combination with parts or equipment not provided by Thermomix®. Failure to comply with any of the above may render your warranty void. For further information on repair and technical support, please contact us.


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In the unlikely event that your Thermomix® experiences technical problems, or if you would simply like to purchase new accessories, you can get in touch with us. We have a technical team to provide you with friendly, helpful advice and assistance, whatever your enquiry may be.

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