Michelle Wong

I am Michelle Wong, a housewife and an amateur dessert instructor. I love cooking and look at different cooking appliances, and then share my experiences with my friends.  I am eager to make more people fall in love with cooking so that their families can eat healthily and happily.

Some friends of mine who love cooking have bought Thermomix and kept commending it which has aroused my interest.  So, I began to search for information on the Internet.  After reading many testimonials, I had decided to own one and bought the first Thermomix in March 2021.

Thermomix has not disappointed me.   It saves a great deal of time and energy. For example, it only takes an hour to cook a thick soup which will take 3 hours when cooking on the stove.  In addition, the old-styled cooking appliance needs half an hour to knead the dough into thin film while Thermomix only takes 10 minutes to achieve the same result.  Moreover, stewing, slow-cooking and stir-frying can all be done by Thermomix. The kitchen has become clean, tidy and spacious. 

While TM6 was released in 2021, upon invitation of the company, I became an advisor.

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