Sherlyn Chong

I am a Malaysian residing in Hong Kong. I grew up in a small town called Ipoh that is famous for Bean Sprouts Chicken, Hakka Mee (Noodle), and White Coffee to mention just a few. This has resulted in Ipoh people being critical with their food – A real food critic wherever there are in the world!

I discovered about Thermomix on my girlfriend’s Facebook post back in 2019. She lives in Singapore, and she doesn’t know how to cook. However, she was posting lots of yummy dishes and one was sambal petai which was my favorite. I wonder how this machine can cook something that traditionally takes lots of time to pound the chili paste. That’s when I started doing research on Thermomix and bought my first TM5 in Hong Kong in 2019.

Thermomix has really changed my way of cooking to being healthier, less time consuming, hands free, and perfect meals and bakes every single time. I am also able to cook dishes that I can never imagine using the Thermomix guided recipes. I have two children, 5 and 7, and we have lots of fun with Thermomix at home with them.

I started my journey as adviser in Hong Kong soon after because I have so much passion about Thermomix, and all its functions to be the Best Kitchen Helper. I truly think all families deserve a unit of Thermomix and I am here to help start their journey with it, lovingly and passionately.

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