Shirley Wong

Since I had my 2 beautiful boys, I stopped working! All my attention went to the family. Cooking has never been my forte. After my last helper decided to return home to raise her own family, I decided to take over the kitchen myself! Every day I struggled for recipe ideas which taste good and most important, easy to cook. I must say , I got use to “failing” in completing the dish as per recipes. That feeling was definitely not nice!

One day, at my son’s rugby festival, a lady was displaying a Thermomix and after we exchanged a few lines, I booked for a demo. I dragged my friend along and hoping that she will buy so I don’t feel so embarrassed. In my mind, I was not ready to pay such a high price for a kitchen gadget! Believe it or not, I was the one who ended up buying one and asked for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!

I was indeed shocked at what it could do so I quickly shared the news with 2 of my close friends! Without my knowledge, I found out that they both bought it not long after! That was when I realised  that I could, too, become an advisor. Sharing my real life experience, how difficulty can that be!

Thermomix has helped me tremendously over the past years. Without it, I would not have been attempting all the dishes I have done. I am still deeply haunted with my “failures” from the past! However, there is NO SUCH thing with Thermomix! You simply cannot fail and being an advisor, this is what I want to share with my clients! I want to give you back the confidence to start cooking and attempting things you dare not try! There is NO training involved in this machine. One simply follow instructions steps by steps and start using it, and dishes will come out exactly like the recipe picture!!!

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