In The News

In The News

Update on software 4.2.4 issue

We wanted to let you know that we are aware of issues relating to Cookidoo® and being not able to use some of the features on your Thermomix®. Our teams are hard at work to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Some possible issues :

•Connectivity with possible error message “Sorry, something went wrong” and “Oops! Something went wrong”
•Recipe search
•Can’t access all features
•Auto shut down after the successful SW update (once rebooted, the device allows for guided cooking)


We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.In the meantime, we have a few short-term workaround solution:


  1. Switch off your machine and wait for at least 90 seconds before turning it back on
  2. Once you have switched it back on, check if you can use the Search or Weekly Planner functions when your wifi is fully connected.
  3. Start the search on the TM6 only once it’s fully connected and wait until the cooking center (grey bar on top) becomes visible and open the search only afterwards
  4. Save the recipes you want to cook from the app or web then sign in to TM6 to synchronize the saved recipes in Cook Today or Weekly Planner
  5. You may also use the app to bookmark your recipe
  6. If you do not have the Cookidoo® mobile app yet, you can download either the Android or iOS app from here  
  7. Your recipe will now appear on your Thermomix® and you should be able to access it for Guided Cooking.

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused and will be in touch once this has been resolved.

Please contact us if you require support.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Your Thermomix® Support Team

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Thermomix®️ Spotted on Good Housekeeping!

We are featured on Good Housekeeping and earned a winning score of 94/100!

✅ Ultimate easy-breezy sous chef
✅ Meal planning is made easy with Cookidoo
✅ Saves space

The reviewer also noted that the Thermomix®️ is perfect for a variety of homes; from those looking to elevate their cooking game to those that would like to introduce more fresh food meals into their hectic lifestyles 😉 With its versatility and user-friendly design, it’s no wonder this kitchen superstar is winning hearts.

Discover why this kitchen wonder is getting all the attention, book your cooking experience today!

Read the full Thermomix®️ review here

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Thermomix®️ Spotted on FOX 4 News

Stuck on what to gift loved ones who seem to have everything this Christmas? Look no further! The Thermomix®️ brings a world of culinary possibilities to their fingertips, making it an unparalleled gift for those who appreciate innovation and seamless cooking.

This Christmas, give the gift of culinary joy with the Thermomix. It’s not just a present; it’s an experience that will be remembered and cherished for years to come

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Thermomix® received a Red Dot Award for our ‘Created Recipes’ feature

We received a Red Dot Award in the Brands and Communication Design category for the “Created Recipes” feature of the Cookidoo® platform. 

Created Recipes allow Thermomix® users to store their own recipes in the award winning recipe platform, Cookidoo®, and sync these recipes for step-by-step cooking instructions in their Thermomix®. This way, anyone at home (kids and helpers alike) can recreate the same familiar tastes everyone loves with precise cooking instructions using their Thermomix®.

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Thermomix® spotted on QANVAST

Thermomix® is a technologically advanced, smart, innovative, environmentally-friendly, easy to operate and efficient all-in-one cooking appliance which helps make people’s lives simpler and convenient.  

Thermomix® offers over 24 functions including grinding, kneading, whisking, chopping, steaming, emulsifying, fermenting, blending, slow cooking and customised pre-cleaning etc.

Thermomix® is empowered by its state-of-art digital guided-cooking library – Cookidoo® which currently has 80K recipes giving almost unlimited cooking inspiration to users. 

Check out the full article here

Thermomix® Spotted in VUE Magazine

The Thermomix® is the #1 item in VUE Magazine’s 2022 Luxury Wedding Registry!

The Thermomix® is the perfect item to gift newlyweds! With over 30 different culinary functions, the Thermomix® not only saves kitchen space but also saves time, leaving precious time that can be spent on things that matter. 💚

What’s more, with access to over 80,000 guided recipes on Cookidoo®, date night are made sweeter by whipping up restaurant-quality dishes at the touch of a button 🤩

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A Thermomix® cooking experience is the best way to appreciate the benefits of owning a Thermomix®. See for yourself the process of preparing incredible healthy food and tasty meals in minutes. Entertain your friends and enjoy delicious food without lifting a finger. Simply book a Thermomix® cooking experience today.

A Thermomix® Advisor will show you the functions of the Thermomix®, while teaching you how to avoid harmful additives in your food and save money on your shopping bills. During the cooking experience, you will be taken through a delicious menu from entrée to dessert, all in a mere 90 minutes. You may be invited to cook with the Thermomix®. You will appreciate how easy and mess-free the entire cooking process may be; the preparation and cooking are done in the Thermomix®, which also self-cleans when it is finished with cooking/food preparation!