Benefits Of Having A Double Mixing BOWL

For Thermomix®️ TM6 owners, there’s no better time to get an extra mixing bowl.

Wondering why you need an extra mixing bowl? Here are some great reasons to add one to your kitchen arsenal:

Eat Vegan, Go Healthy!

What is vegan diet?

A vegan (plant-based) diet is a blissful diet that provides many natural benefits ranging from slimming effects, anti-aging and cleansing properties to healing potentials – thanks to abundant amounts of phytonutrients loaded in these plants.

Varoma cooking: A game-changer across diverse aspects.

Varoma isn’t just your typical steamer; it’s a culinary marvel, exclusive to Thermomix®. Unlike traditional steamers, Varoma elevates your cooking experience by infusing your dishes with rich aromas and flavors. It combines the health benefits of steam-cooking with the convenience of one-pot cooking, delivering unparalleled depth of taste and texture.

Indeed, Varoma is a game-changer on numerous fronts. Let’s delve deeper into its wonders.

How To Clean Your Thermomix®

From time to time, your Thermomix® deserves a good clean from all the good food it churned out for you and your loved ones. Here are some cleaning tips to provide better care of your Thermomix®.