Benefits Of Having A Double Mixing BOWL

For Thermomix®️ TM6 owners, there’s no better time to get an extra mixing bowl.

Wondering why you need an extra mixing bowl? Here are some great reasons to add one to your kitchen arsenal:

1. Keep Allergens Away


Avoid cross-contamination by using a separate bowl for recipes catering to special dietary needs.

2. Make Pantry Staples from Scratch

Create your own ingredients—mill flour, make icing sugar, blend spice mixes, grate cheese, and make stock powder, pastes, and sauces whenever you need them.

3. Dedicated Baking Bowl

A clean bowl is key for perfect whipped egg whites and meringues. Use one bowl for whipping and the other for the rest of your baking.

4. Save Time

With two bowls, cooking is faster. No need to wash up between recipes—just keep going!

5. Cook Faster During Busy Weeks

Batch cook for the week in one day, saving time and making your busy work week easier.

6. Perfect Dough Resting

Let your dough ferment and rise in the same bowl, then knead and proof without switching containers.

7. Always Have a Cold Bowl Ready

For recipes needing a cold bowl, like whipping cream or making smoothies, an extra bowl means no waiting for the bowl to cool down.

8. Separate Bowl for Baby and Pets

Use a dedicated bowl for baby food or pet meals to avoid cross-contamination.

9. One Bowl for Sweet, One for Savory

Keep spicy odors out of your desserts by using one bowl for sweet recipes and the other for savory dishes.

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