Mei Gui Lu Soy Sauce Chicken

It is so simple and easy to cook soy sauce chicken by using Thermomix. It is so delicious too! No more dipping the chicken in a big pot of sauce. Thanks Adviser Ms Crystal Chow for the recipe.


3 pcs of ginger
30g dark soy sauce
30g Mei Gui Lu Jiu (wine)
30g brown sugar/rock sugar
140g sweet soy sauce
1 chicken(1.2-1.5kg)washed and pat dry


  1. Put all the ingredients (except the chicken) into the mixing bowl, cook 5 min/100C/speed 1.
  2. Place the chicken (head down) on the blades in the mixing bowl (put the measuring cup upside down / a glass bowl on the bowl lid), cook 30 min/100C/reverse/spoon speed.
  3. Turn the chicken with the head up, cook 20 min/varoma/ reverse/spoon speed. Let the chicken stay for another 5 min, take it out and put it on a plate to cool down, and then chop it into pieces.
  4. Pour the sauce onto the chicken pieces (if there is too much sauce, you may thicken it by cooking 5 min/varoma/speed 1).
  5. To garnish with spring onion.

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