The Thermomix® Bread Knife with Guide

The new, improved Thermomix® bread knife with guide is designed with an adjustable guide for millimetre-perfect slices, so you can cut every slice evenly, from top to bottom, to the exact thickness you like for toast and sandwiches.

Made of high-carbon, high-grade stainless steel, our bread knife is food safe, strong and sharp, with a sliding slicing guide that adjusts from 5mm for super thin crispy toast that’s perfect for pate, up to 25mm extra chunky bread for soups or a super-sized sandwich lunch for hungry kids.

Fresh artisan breads from your favourite bakery will last longer if you keep them whole to slice at home.

Compliment your freshly made Thermomix® bread with the new Bread Knife with Guide.

💚 2022 Edition : New & improved design

💚 Adjustable guide to adjust the thickness of each slice

💚 Made of strong carbon, high grade stainless steel

💚 5mm to 25mm even thickness slices from top to bottom

💚 Ergonomically designed handle for easier grip

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