Thermomix® Cooking Tips

Overfilling and/or improper raw ingredient handling may result in foam during cooking which may in rare cases cause over boiling and consequently spillage. Thus, the new Thermomix® software 3.5 will remind users to use the appropriate accessory during cooking for better cooking results and cooking safety.

a) Rinse starchy ingredients (eg. rice, legumes etc) thoroughly prior to cooking to reduce foam
b) Do not overfill your mixing bowl
c) Add some drops of cooking oil into the mixing bowl to prevent over-boiling
d) Accept & install the New Software when your Thermomix® is not in use

Whether it’s the measuring cup, simmering basket, Varoma dish or splash guard, use each of these during cooking while keeping in mind the tips mentioned in this article, for better cooking results and cooking safety. Thermomix® TM6 is a smart always connected multi-cooker that keeps getting ‘better on its own’. Users will constantly be getting new updates and features over-the-air for effortless device updates and upgrades.

TM6 SW 3.5
TM6 SW3.5

Accept and install the new software 3.5 (TM6) and software 2.13 (TM5) from 23 August 2022 onwards. Always start the installation process when your Thermomix® is not in use. To update the software manually, do the following :
TM6 Software 3.5
click Menu \ Settings\Thermomix® version & update \ Search for updates

TM5 Software 2.13
click Menu \ Help \ About Thermomix® \ Update

Place the simmering Basket over the lid when cooking at or over 95°c. Continue using the Measuring Cup during cooking or food preparation that operates under the temperature under 95°c
Place the Varoma dish over the lid when steaming or preparing your time saving multi-layer dishes.
Remember to rinse starchy ingredients (eg. rice, legumes etc) thoroughly prior to cooking to reduce foam and never overfilling your mixing bowl

To purchase a Thermomix® accessory, please visit Thermomix Centre at Central, 2A Man Hing Commercial Building, 79-83 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong. Visit Cookidoo® to explore thousands of guided recipes where you get step-by-step guide from food preparation till the dish is done.

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