Steaming Function – Fish/Seafood

Many people like to eat fresh and tasty steamed fish/seafood.  Thermomix can satisfy you by its steaming function.   Simply place your fish/seafood in the Varoma dish/tray, and steam them at the unique Varoma temperature while preserving their nutrients, you are able to enjoy such delicious and healthy seafood.

Place 500g of water or broth into the mixing bowl and steam based on following time/Varoma/speed 1.

Fish fillets (e.g. salmon, bass, snapper)

2-3 pcs 150g each,

2-2.5 cm thick

12-18 min

Varoma dish

5-6 pcs, 150g each,

2-2.5cm thick

12-18 min

2 in Varoma dish

3 in Varoma tray

Mussels in the shell


15 min

Varoma dish


23 min

Varoma dish

Prawns with shell


8-10 min

Simmering basket


10-15 min

Varoma dish

Whole fish

2 pcs, app 440g each (880g)

15-17 min

Varoma Tray

4 pcs, app 440g each (1760g)

17-20 min

2 in Varoma dish

2 in Varoma tray

Source of information: Basic Cookbook

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