5 Updates you can’t miss on your Thermomix TM6

Your TM6 keeps getting better and these updates are some of the best yet! From new modes to guided step videos, check out the new features coming to your TM6 with the latest software update.

1 – Brand new recipe step videos

Maybe it’s how to shape dumplings or how to decorate a pie… sometimes you just need to see a step inaction! That’s where our new recipe step videos come in. Now available with a number of recipes in guided cooking, our step videos appear directly on your TM6 on screen. Choose to play them or not – depending on whether you need this extra help. Some the recipes which now have step videos include Fresh pasta dough, Salmon souffle omelette and Sticky sesame chicken.


2 – Inspirational videos on your TM6

Our new inspirational videos are available while browsing Cookidoo on the app, desktop or on your TM6. They’re there to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, try new cuisines, techniques and ideas. They have audio too – so you’ll know why if your TM6 suddenly starts playing music!

3 – New Egg boiler mode

Eggs are a massive part of our Aussie breakfast culture and now, perfectly prepared eggs are available at the touch of a button! Our new Egg Boiler mode allows you to set and forget your eggs, whether you like them well cooked, creamy or runny.


  • Cook 2 to 6 eggs directly in the mixing bowl. The blades will not move in this mode.
  • After placing the eggs in the mixing bowl, fill with water to the 1-L mark.
  • Use medium sized eggs, direct from the fridge.
  • Choose your done-ness from 5 selections.

4 – New Warm-up mode

It might not be glamourous but re-heating is something we all do a lot of. Whether it’s reheating chunky soups, warming milk or heating baby food to just the right temperature, this mode will gently heat your food while the blades turn on reverse.


  • Use the butterfly whisk to heat larger amounts or thicker consistencies, such as Bolognese sauce. The butterfly also prevents food from falling apart when heated.

5 – Enhanced Pre-cleaning mode

Oh, we already love the Pre-cleaning mode but now it’s even better! Depending on how dirty your bowl is or the recipe you’ve just made, simply choose between 4 pre-clean variations – Dough, Universal, Fat and caramel, and Browning. Cleaning up, even after the stickiest recipes, just became even easier.


These updates will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks. Update your TM6 when prompted or head to setting to search for an update and make sure you’re logged into Cookidoo for these new modes and features to appear.

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