1. Acknowledgement

The sale order (“Order”) will be acknowledged by the vendor, TMX International Limited (the “Company” or “TMX”) within three (3) working days from the date of the Order. The Company reserves the right to repudiate at its absolute discretion prior to the expiry of this three (3) working days’ period.

2. Basis of the Sale

2.1 The Company shall sell and the Purchaser shall purchase the goods in accordance with the written specification and quotation from the Company.
2.2 No variation or any part of these terms and conditions of sales (“Conditions”)  which shall be binding unless agreed in writing between the Purchaser and the Company.

3. Orders and Specifications

The Purchaser shall be responsible to the Company for ensuring the accuracy of the terms of the order under the Order Form, and for giving the Company any necessary information relating to the delivery of the goods.

4. Price of the Goods and Mode of Payment

4.1 The price of the goods shall be as stated in the Order (and accepted by the Purchaser)
4.2 Full payment by Purchaser has to be made before delivery.
4.3 The mode of payment shall be as agreed) between the Purchaser and the Company under the Order Form. All payments by cheques or other negotiable instruments should be made to TMX International Limited in accordance with the Conditions stated herein.

5. Delivery

Delivery can be arranged to most areas of Hong Kong within seven (7) to ten (10) working days after payment is received. The price in the Order has included the delivery charge; however, the Company reserves the right to change transportation fee on all deliveries as and when necessary. This fee will be made known to you at the time of placing your order. No deliveries will be made while payment is outstanding.

6. Your Privacy

The Purchaser’s personal data are collected for the purposes of handling his/her purchase order for Thermomix. Purchaser should inform the Company by writing if he/she does not wish to receive any promotion/marketing information from them. The Company collects, uses and stores personal information according to Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“PDPO”). Please read on the website for the privacy policy: https://thermomix.com.hk/privacy-policy/. By providing us with his or her personal information, the Purchaser hereby consents to the terms of our Privacy Policy and for the Company to use the personal information to contact the Purchaser.

7. General

7.1 The Order Form shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong.
7.2 Any notice required to be given by either party (Purchaser or the Company) to the other under the Order Form, unless specified herein, shall be in writing addressed to that other party at its address specified herein and is deemed to be given by the sender and received by the addressee if:
(a) By registered mail, three (3) working days excluding the date of postage and the date received by the addressee; or
(b) Transmitted by email provided that an acknowledgement by the recipient is received.
7.3 If any provision of these conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions of these Conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected thereby

8. The Company reserves this right to change the price of the Thermomix® and its components and accessories without any prior notice.

Warranty Policy

TMX provides in Hong Kong a 2-year warranty on Thermomix® against manufacturing defects when used in a domestic environment and a 1-year warranty when used in a commercial environment. Warranty will take effect from the date the goods are delivered and received by the customer after full payment is received by TMX.

TMX will repair or replace, at its discretion upon inspection of the machine, the defective parts. This Warranty only applies if the Thermomix® is used and cared for in accordance with the guidelines set out in the manufacturer’s Instruction Manual (the “Manual”) provided at the time of purchase. This Manual provides remedies for common malfunctions. Please consult the Manual first should a minor malfunction occur. In all other situations, in the first instance, please contact your service advisor or alternatively write to [email protected] to ask for assistance.

This Warranty is not valid under such circumstances:

  • Normal wear and tear on blades and other consumable parts and accessories
  • damages caused by improper treatment and use not in accordance with the directions laid down in the Instruction Manual, or accident, neglect,
  • negligent handling or damage due to faulty packaging or mishandling in transit to the Company for repair
  • Damages caused by fire, flood, accident, riot, strike, explosion, lightning, improper voltage supply and other Act of God.
  • Usage of spare parts and accessories not provided by Vorwerk Thermomix®
  • Corrosion and induced stains causing impairment or disfigurement of the main appliance parts and accessories.
  • If repairs had previously been undertaken by anyone other than an authorized Thermomix® Service Technician or if the fault has been caused by misuse or alterations to the Thermomix® by anyone other than an authorized Thermomix® Service Technician

Warranty Coverage & Shipping Costs

  • This Warranty is not transferable by the original owner or gift recipient to any subsequent owner of the product. However, in the event that the Thermomix® is purchased as a new gift, the original purchaser shall advise The Company of the gift recipient within 14 days from the date of acquisition and in such circumstances the Warranty shall be transferable.
  • Warranty covers repair or replacement of defective components (but excluding damages under the above-mentioned circumstances) within the stipulated period but excludes shipping cost. No outdoor service is rendered; the customer is to return the defective product to and get it back from TMX at his/her own expense.
  • Shipping costs (both ways) shall be borne by the Owner and The Company will not accept any responsibility for inadequate or unsuitable packing leading to damage whatsoever caused whilst the appliance is returned for servicing or repairs. Please keep original boxes and packaging for your shipment especially to overseas. The Order Form is required to make a claim under the warranty period.
  • Promotional gifts, purchase with purchase items, free gifts (such as Thermoserver, ThermoMat and/or other items etc) (if any) are not under warranty